Risk Management




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Risk Management

What to do when there is a problem?

Since the 1960’s, Deibel has been helping clients get out of problematic situations arising from pathogenic or spoilage issues at the food processing level. We are proud of the strong industry reputation we have gained as a result of our proven track-record of solving these microbial issues.

Unwanted bacteria can enter the food through a myriad of means and finding the causative source can be challenging. Commonly foods are adulterated in the following ways or vectors:

  • Sensitive raw materials
  • Cross contamination between raw and processed areas
  • Wheel and foot traffic within the plant
  • Building construction projects
  • Contaminated environments (bacterial niches within the processing plant)
  • Contaminated equipment (bacterial niches within the processing equipment)
  • Issues with the facilities construction (roof leaks, plant layout and design inadaquacies, etc).
  • Air handling issues
  • Inadequate water control
  • Ineffective Sanitation
  • Ineffective GMPs and/or personal hygiene practices
  • Process Control issues
  • Un-validated thermal processes

There isn’t an industry subcategory that we haven’t worked with; verbal references can be given upon request.

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